The Jovia Long Island Marathon Festival of Events

Fri May 1 - Sun May 3, 2020 East Meadow, NY US 11554 Directions


The Jovia Long Island Marathon Festival of Events

Donation Goal: $50,000



Friends of Karen provides emotional, financial and advocacy support (at no cost) for children with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses and their families in order to help keep them stable, functioning, and able to cope.

Our team of experienced professionals – social workers, child life specialists, arts therapists – ensures that each family receives the support they need to stay functioning and able to cope during a crisis that affects every member of the family. Our services include:

Emotional support, including supportive guidance, bereavement support, Gifts for Children programs, and support for siblings that may include individualized sessions with specially-trained professionals who use expressive arts to help sisters and brothers of the ill child to better understand and cope with the changes in their family life.

Financial support through direct payment of medical expenses not covered by insurance (e.g., doctor and nursing fees, prescriptions, lab bills) and other illness-related and basic living expenses (e.g., utility bills, rent/mortgage, transportation, childcare) that are no longer affordable when parents leave their job to care for their child.

Advocacy support to ensure families have access to all available benefits from the government and other agencies; support from other organizations; pro bono legal counsel; and help with special educational needs.


Consider making a donation to Cohen Children’s Medical Center. Cohen Children's Medical Center is dedicated to providing the highest levels of care to meet the special needs of children, from premature babies to adolescents. Our 202-bed hospital opened in 1983 as the New York metropolitan area's only hospital designed exclusively for children. Today we are the largest provider of pediatric health services in New York state, serving 1.8 million children in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

Funds raised will support the purchase of the latest generation echocardiogram machines to allow our cardiologists to have the clinical data to most accurately evaluate our patients. 

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